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I was Licensed as a Novice in 1972 as WN2JLX and when I upgraded, my callsign was changed to WA2JLX. I had my Extra by age 16. I went to the FCC field office in Manhattan, New York and took the 20 WPM code test and theory exam. I grew up on Long Island, New York. I have lived in Fort Lauderdale Florida, Chicago Illinois, Los Angeles California and now in Northern Delaware. ​

My commercial FCC licenses include a GROL, Radio Telegraph Operator and GMDSS Maintainer all with the Ship Radar Endorsement.

I was a Navy/Marine Corps MARS operator, NNN0AAR and handled thousands of phone patches from ships at sea from the sailors and marines aboard to the U.S. mainland. All of the costs for the phone calls were paid for by me.

On multiple occasions, during Armed Forces Day, I was the control operator at Naval Station NAV4 at Great Lakes RTC in North Chicago, IL. This was to test military to amateur cross band communications capability and readiness.


K9WK Backyard Stream

The back yard of my home has a nice little stream running through it. It is a has been certified as a state of Delaware back yard wildlife habitat. I took this picture from my deck while we were getting some rain so that you can see the stream clearly. I am sure that this helps out the with performance of my station. It is hard to believe that this is located in Delaware and it is one of the main reasons that I purchased the property.

​The elevation at my location is 154 feet above sea level which is a relatively high location in Delaware. For comparison, the beach at the Delaware river (which is less than a mile away) is at sea level. I am sure that this is also helping me "get out".

If you need Delaware confirmed for WAS, etc. send me your QSL via eQSL or by regular mail with an SASE. If you send me one by regular mail I will send you a QSL back by regular mail using the SASE that you provided. 

​​'73 and I hope to hear you on the air! - Alex.