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‚ÄčI am a currently a Principal Software Architect at Wabtec Digital Electronics.

Architect, code and test the TCOS (Train Control Office Systems) core that provides classes and methods in Java, C, C++ and C# for TCP/IP, AMQP (ITCM) and DDS message transport/processing, real-time database persistence (memory mapped random access files), memory based pipes for inter-process communication, real-time event processing, security (AES/RSA), file operations, message validity checking (CRC/HMAC/MD5), message encoding/decoding (AMQP/DDS/EMP/Class D), thread management/pooling and logging that are used within Wabtec products.

Architect, code and test major parts of the Next Generation MDM (Mobile Device Manager) in Java that is responsible for synchronizing the software, configuration, track information and log files with the back office and the TMC (Train Management Computer) for positive train control (PTC). The TMC communicates to the back office through WiFi, Satellite, 220 Mhz radio or cellular networks as required based on the train location.

K9WK Train Management Computer K9WK IETMS Train Cab K9WK Wabtec Locomotive

When I was a Principal Engineer for Rockwell Collins, I wrote major parts of the train control system for Amtrak while working in Wilmington, Delaware. This is a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system that controls all train movement and power distribution for the northeast corridor (NEC) using Java, C, C++ and 80x86 assembly language.

I am the architect of the code behind US patent number 8281004 - Multi-threaded method and system for automated remote submission of jobs to mainframe and unix systems from the Windows™ platform.

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